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TakeAirLabs & PropTech Lab Belgium:

Fostering innovations in Real Estate

TAL joins ranks with PropTech Lab Belgium.

This community of Innovators in the real estate value chain gives us the necessary insights and connection to grow further. Introducing the TAL mentality and vision to a select group of experts and like-minded people. Our mutual mission is to foster innovations in construction and real estate, and to ease the digital transformation in

With a membership of TAL we aim in delivering our core technologies to the Real Estate 4.0 sector. In finding new and exciting partners to further build our network on. Giving new projects the opportunity and advice on new technologies. We hope to bring a new wind to the PropTech domain and contribute to future events and cooperations.

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Industrial advisory board Smart Ventilation

TAL joins the Industrial advisory committee: ‚Äč"Towards Smart Ventilation in Mid-sized buildings" project. We aim to meet the needs by developing a performance-based method that approaches the design of Smart Ventilation systems as a whole, driven by performance assessment and optimization during the whole life-cycle of the system. We want to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and their systems, to achieve a decarbonised EU building stock.

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