Releasing updates relevant to the operations of TAL we want to inform our partners of the recent developments that we made. Focusing on current projects we provide an overview of the current situation and what our next step will be. As progress is made we will combine these updates in the release of new statements or R&D papers to further underline our commitment and progress. 


Update 01: Physical removal of viral pathogens in buildings as the worlds next new normal.


As pandemics and Covid19 will not vanish or be forgotten soon, TAL strongly believes that a physical removal of viral pathogens has the desired effectiveness and efficiency in combatting global pandemics. Recent research, as well as research conducted at the start of the pandemic, shows that Covid-19 is largely spread by air. Regardless of how the virus spreads, there are some measures you can take as a company, but these are mostly short-sighted implementations and don’t offer an any long-term solution.


Our initial research stages in developing a virus catcher for ventilation systems is completed. As we prepare for the next generation device we are looking for an out of the lab setup. The results and outcomes of our initial tests were positive and have shown great promise for further research. Our first findings showed the viral killing capacity of our biological compound. This is a natural solution, where we use marine algae, completely safe and harmless for people. With the results provided by the REGA institute, we got the confirmation that our biological compound was effective against SARS-CoV-2


Further development in our own laboratory helped us defining a biological product with the right anti-viral characteristics combatting viral pathogens. As there was no possibility of using Covid19 as a testing agent, we looked at the much more resistant MS2 Phage and used this as a proxy. The MS2 phages are characterized as very resistant and tough to kill.  The result is a retrofit application for ventilation systems that is effective against enveloped viruses such as Influenza and Covid-19, but also the much harder to kill MS2 phages. With these results a first out of the lab setup is planned at the coworking offices at WATT the Firms In Ghent, Belgium.

We will be updating on a regular basis regarding the installation and proceedings of this device. 

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