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Update 3/08/2021: Sea-Aeration selected for presenting at Healthy Buildings 2021-America.

It is with a great sense of achievement we announce being officially selected for the Healthy Buildings America 2021 conference in Hawaii, Honolulu.

TAL will be representing Belgium’s finest innovations in the field of BioTech air management. A nature-based solution for indoor climates to create a more resilient environment in protecting our health. The first sustainable and circular approach in reducing indoor respiratory infections for buildings.

Our abstract: “Marine red sea algae in combatting indoor respiratory infections: A catch and kill exposure reduction strategy”. is being presented at the conference from 9 - 11 November 2021

Update 03/05/2021: Higher capturing capacity with limited pressure loss for Sea-Aeration technology

In collaboration with the University of Genova, we developed a digital twin of our system that further sharpens our numbers regarding particle uptake and pressure loss. The conclusion here was that there is a pressure loss of 7.2 Pa and 87.8% of particles will be captured by our system.

Due to ongoing research, we reached an improvement where we capture 92% of particles and 99% of particle mass. With only an 8.2 Pa increase in pressure drop resulting in a total of 15.4 Pa. pressure loss in our current set-up. Our research will continue to obtain even higher filtration capabilities with a limited increase of pressure loss.

Update 26/03/2021: Results lab-scale and large scale Sea-Aeration testing.

Regarding the R&D working paper released on November 2020: Aeration by Sea used in combatting airborne viruses in ventilation systems. We are enthusiastic to share our final report conclusions. In relation to these test results, a second R&D position will be released in light of these findings.

The main achievements, based on the experiments with the lab-scale and the large-scale ventilation systems can be summarized as:

  • Optimized positioning of the virus catcher in the ventilation tube without causing important obstructions of airflow;
  • Experimental demonstration of a high phage-capturing capacity of the treated filter: up to 94 % (phage) decrease;
  • Demonstration of fast die-off of captured phages on the treated filters: log 3 PFU decrease;
  • Demonstration of important die-off of captured phages on the filters: up to 60 % decrease within 1 hour of air recirculation and over 99 % overnight.
  • No important detachment of the captured phages from the treated filters;
  • No bacterial growth on the filter, during a period of 2 months (static tests), and no Legionella growth on a treated filter that was incubated in the air duct for one month;
  • Long-lasting phage capturing capacity of pretreated filter (1-2 weeks; longer-term experiments ongoing);
  • The developed formulation can be sprayed at regular intervals for the reactivation of filter properties.

The first proof of concept is produced and being actively tested at the WTF site by Revive in Ghent Belgium.

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