TAL. CE. 21

A paradigm shift to combat indoor respiratory infection

Delivering the fundamentals, guaranteeing the future

TakeAirLabs addresses the fundamental issues that determine the health of your building. By working towards excellent technical performance, we build a future platform where your microbial environment is resilient and highly adaptable. Mitigating the risks to the fullest we present a promote and protect strategy for indoor pollutants such as viral pathogens.

The TakeAirLabs Certificate Program 2021 is built by industry professionals and a team of experts who deliver a certificate of technical and microbial excellence for the indoor environment.

Ventilation systems are the lungs of our building. Ignoring the things we can't see is not possible anymore. Ventilation is a shared responsibility.

With the Sea-Aeration technology we offer a highly cost-efficient retrofit system that will make your facility future-proof and raise the value of your asset.

The TAL certificate runs your HVAC at full performance while delivering net energy and carbon footprint benefits while delivering a highly efficient exposure reduction strategy. This is made possible by the Sea-Aeration technology by TakeAir.

The grade of success will be determined by how client-centric your system is. Communicate your certification process with a strong presence and highly adaptable toolkit.

The certificate to breathe with trust

The TAL CE21 program is the first in the world to focus on the microbiological level and the impact of the microbiome on our IAQ. A technical and microbial audit for the ventilation system closes the gap between science and practice. It introduces a new mentality for looking at your indoor space, while simultaneously offering solutions on a recurrent level.

Our certificate program eliminates short term, insufficient measures and solutions in relation to the IAQ and IEQ. We promote and protect the indoor environment with a tailor made service.

Implementing traditional guidelines in the background has been proven to be unsuccessful and not convincing. Be prepared and lead people back inside.

Technical performance with microbial balance

What does this mean? Matching the technicalities of your building (airflow, air rate, Co2 and PM 2.5,...) with the microbial society that lives and thrives in it.

The TAL certificate provides the certified member that the resilience and health of the indoor air quality are monitored and actively being improved. Source reduction and exposure reduction strategies work in perfect conditions because of the structural measures you took for the ventilation system.

Only by measuring we know what adequate steps we can take. Now we can provide quality, functioning and performance guarantuees for the habitants and certified party.

Installation, maintenance and competence for the next era in IAQ:

Our certificate focuses on the correct installation and succession of the following technologies.

  • The Bio-augmentation systems
  • The Sea Aeration devices
  • IoT sensors and systems

These systems combined to create Biospheric Ventilation.

The focus today is towards real-time indoor monitoring, PropTech solutions. But delivering these kinds of innovations require a solid foundation, that means a high performant system within a balanced environment.

Demonstrate competence, credibility, and knowledge on a whole new level.

Open your building with the right tools

The TALCE2021 program has 4 major parts that when concluded result in the TAL Certificate of technical and microbial excellence:

  • Pre-audit of the building and indoor environment.
  • Technical audit of the ventilation system
  • Microbial audit of the indoor environment
  • Installation certification for the Biospheric Ventilation
A false sense of safety can only be undone by transparent and forward communication. Taking adequate measures and communicating these to your habitants generates trust.

From necessity to competitive advantage

See the importance of your ventilation system and Its impact. Make it grow from necessity to a colossal competitive advantage.

Make the technical and microbial environment contribute to your people's health. We deliver the program to guarantee your building is staying relevant, innovative and running on high performance.

As the informed citizen is evolving towards a better understanding, perception, knowledge and awareness of how building affects our own health. Induced by a health crisis or potential new threats, the importance of ventilation will see staggering growth for the coming years. Here is why our certificate program is the next step:

  • The world’s first IAQ that presents a solution on the microbiological level
  • Scientifically robust technologies combined with high international standards and applications
  • Be part of a revolutionary green microbial change in the world, create awareness and set the example
  • Cutting edge asset value for clients and investors
  • We represent a whole new category of sustainable technologies. No contribution to landfills or using heavily industrialized processes or materials

The Index and score of your building is the icing on the cake.

With the solid foundation provided by our TALCE21 certificate, you have a score and dashboard translating the health of your building. The Biospheric Index is an adaptive tool that lets you visualize your effort while seemingly communicating health-related bulletins to your inhabitants.

Inform about the status of your air quality, communicate that your system is working at the highest performance and that your microbial environment is healthy and in balance.

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