TakeAir Labs Assesments

The Assessment of TakeAir Labs is focused on your indoor environment regarding several parameters crucial in creating a healthy indoor biosphere.

What is an Indoor Biosphere?

By connecting the build environment with biology, the Indoor Biosphere creates a holistic approach to creating a more resilient and stronger building. The indoor biosphere is looking at all living things and how they are influenced by the building’s characteristics. By assessing the microbial and technological performance of the indoor environment we can define the drivers of human health.

The indoor Biosphere is building high-performance technology impacting the biology of the building, generating health benefits for the people, and making sure we offer a sustainable and positive impact on the climate


The result of continuous research in various fields and our dedication to policy developments regarding Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) helped us in creating this assessment to fit the needs of the client.

The technical assessment provided by TAL is an independent assessment focused on delivering a holistic approach to the indoor environment and the air people breathe indoors.

The assessment is delivered in three parts:


Identify the current state of the indoor microbiome


A total assessment of the ventilation system, grading its overall performance


Connect the assessment with the Local Biodiversity analysis

Biospheric Index

The assessment provides clear communication and graphical tool on your current Indoor Biosphere. Granting knowledge and tools to the inhabitants in creating awareness of the current situation.

The Biospheric Index is the way you communicate your health commitment, which makes people prefer your building.

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