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TAL conducts scientific research within the biotechnological field and the broader spectrum of IAQ. These papers reflect the most recent findings by TAL and will be made public with the purpose to inform and enhance cooperation.

‚ÄčAll papers released are property of TAL and can not be distributed without the explicit consent by the TakeAir Group.

July 2021

Updated review of the antiviral activity of carrageenan

Sea-Aeration: A direct mode of virus inactivation.

Further results for our antiviral (carrageenan) core product in our Sea-Aeration technology confirmed an antiviral activity against the human coronavirus OC43 by the REGA Institute in Leuven. Interestingly, comparable results were also obtained when the antiviral activity of carrageenan was tested against the Influenza A virus. Further studies with the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) resulted in a 98 % reduction concentration of infectious viral particles (titer).

Read the full report by Avecom and TAL here

May 2021

R&D final paper: Aeration by Sea used in combatting airborne viruses in ventilation systems

Read the Summary Final Report 2021 of our Virus catching Sea-Aeration technology. In collaboration with TakeAirLabs and Avecom partnering laboratories

In this summary, we come to the conclusion of what has been intensive testing of the Sea-Aeration
technology in a lab and large scale test environment. Hard work and determination made the development and POC that is active today in the WTF Revive
building possible.

November 2020

R&D position paper: Aeration by Sea used in combatting airborne viruses in ventilation systems

In this position paper, we describe our latest research findings for ventilation systems to implement an anti-viral matrix in combatting airborne pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2. Read the full paper here.

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