Board of directors

TakeAirLabs founded in October 2020, by the companies Revive and TakeAir consist of two founding members, Nicolas Bearelle of Revive and Jo Pannecoucke of TakeAir. Acting as board directors for TAL, they envision the future and direction of TakeAirLabs.

Nicolas Bearelle / Board member and Founding father

Founder and executive chairman of Revive, a frontrunner in developing sustainable urban regeneration projects. Our mission is to create lively and healthy places where people can live, work and enjoy themselves.

"Physical and mental wellbeing is key when we design our neighbourhoods and buildings. Our investment in TakeAirLabs will add value to our strategy and create better places for our clients."

Jo Pannecoucke / Board member and Founding father

Founding father of TakeAir, a true pioneer in Indoor Air Quality and microbial diversity for indoor environments. With the help of natural organisms, they use bioremediation and aeration of the air in delivering pathogen-free and balanced healthy air. Biological​

"Breathing air as it designed to breathe. Imagine being in a building that creates a favourable indoor biosphere. Biological air treatment that supports your immunity system and captures viral pathogens. TakeAir is a pioneer connecting the microbiological status of your space with the IAQ."

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