TakeAirLabs (TAL) is an independent biotechnological company that is responsible for the R&D and production of biocompounds used in the Biospheric ventilation of the TakeAir group.

Within the TakeAir team, the necessity grew to expand its operations regarding research and policy. With the purpose to strengthen its position in the political field and improve the public understanding of healthy and sustainable environments.

How should such an environment look? Imagine being in a building that creates a favourable indoor biosphere. Structures that support your immunity system and suppress potential airborne contamination. Today, the urgency is crystal clear! The TakeAir team shares a strong motivation for the indoor climate and a diverse mix of skills.  Alongside the core team stands a strong network of collaborating laboratories, researchers, examinators, investors and believers.

We’re experimenting, learning and evolving. We share results and show an unrelenting drive to make a change. Our goal is to create buildings with a biosphere of their own, producing a healthy indoor and outdoor climate. Married with best practices in sustainable and environmental architecture. We gladly welcome like-minded people that see the importance of a qualitative indoor space. TakeAir embodies to create this thanks to a diverse and stable indoor microbiome.

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