Biotechnological R&D company with a focus for policy advancements on sustainable architecture and biological air treatment for IAQ


Take Air Labs strives to strengthen the overall knowledge in creating sustainable and healthy indoor environments. By addressing research, policy and contemporary issues, we create a network of information and expertise in tackling future and current endeavours. 


As part of the Take Air Group, we focus on Biological air treatments for indoor environments. Supporting immunity systems and suppressing potential airborne contamination by improving the indoor biosphere. The goal is to bring rebalanced indoor air and thus grow towards a more suitable environment for human consumption.

TakeAirLabs widens its scope to different internal and external elements impacting the indoor air quality (IAQ).  Continuing stronger building regulations forces buildings to breathe in energy-efficient ways, bringing a balanced climate can be challenging and requires critical thought. Global pandemics and health crisis challenge us how a healthy indoor climate should look, and how these should operate. Acknowledging external influences on the indoor climate such as pollution and smog, we embark on a search for innovative solutions in tackling these global problems. 

We welcome like-minded people that see the importance of a qualitative indoor space and its health and societal potential on sustainable and environmental technologies.



Core activities of TAL today consist of:

R&D on aerosol and microbial movement for IAQ

- Microbiological IAQ certification

- Connecting strategic partnerships

- Policy work and networking


The operations and scope of TAL today is mainly on the subject of sustainable and environmental architecture. Specifically on the  IAQ of buildings. We further centre around topics with a strong relation to these goals, such as:

- Energy efficiency.

- Sustainable Development Goals.

- Societal impact of air contamination.

The impact of global health crisis on ventilation systems.


Via updates, statements, and news we inform and collect information that concerns our partners and companies and inform the general public.






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